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Psychometric testing in job interviews - what are they looking for?

With Pharmacy employers utilising Psychometric tests in determining who to hire more and more, potential employees need to understand what these tests are measuring, and what employers are looking ...

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Give your people a chance to shine

One of the biggest challenges for pharmacy owners is staffing and getting it right. If you have gone to all the effort of securing a new staff member for your business, you want to make sure tha...

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Employers turning a blind eye to University Grades

It could be bad news for students who have spent too many hours focusing solely on their academic results, with a leading employer, PricewaterhouseCoopers, removing candidates' academic results fro...

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Top 5 Job Interview Tips

Congratulations! You have secured a face to face interview with a potential new employer. So what do you need to do? These handy hints will help you leave a lasting impression: * Do your resear...

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Surprise - it's not always about money!

Whilst having the appropriate pay rates for employees is a big help in retaining staff, employee appreciation in other ways is never out-of-place. Unfortunately, there are many pharmacy businesses ...

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Hiring the right people for your pharmacy

One of the most common complaints I hear from pharmacy owners is "How can I find the right people for my pharmacy and how can I get them to stay?" Bad hiring decisions can be disastrous for your ph...

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What security do you provide?

With the Government putting renewed pressures on community pharmacy, I believe there would be no surprise that there are a lot of nervous community pharmacy employees out there at the moment, as ph...

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Who trains your income-generating staff?

Do you know exactly what training is currently done? Previous experience, time in job and previous results aren't everything - isn't there always room for improvement? Maybe, but it is important th...

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