Who trains your income-generating staff?

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Do you know exactly what training is currently done? Previous experience, time in job and previous results aren't everything - isn't there always room for improvement? Maybe, but it is important that any training is welcomed by the individual staff members. This can be achieved by discussing the benefits to both them; the business and promoting team excellence.

How do you know it's being implemented? A common complaint about training is that it's wasted time and doesn't change anything. This is often the case when there are just so many good ideas they don't know where to start and there is no accountability. A recent learning of mine is for staff to select their top three items for implementation (any more and there is just too much resistance), share them with others and then agree to follow up in 28 days time to see how it's gone - it takes 3-4 weeks to be successful and consistent.

Who is the trainer? Have you assured yourself they are providing relevant, useful, implementable ideas, methods and strategies to your staff? Sure, sales is trainable, but if it's tailored to Pharmacy with relevant examples then how much more effective is it going to be.

Add value for your staff, build your employer brand, increase your revenue and retain your staff!

David Shaw - Recruitment Consultant
David has been with Raven's for 15 years and looks after permanent recruitment for Melbourne and the greater Victorian region - call David on 0800 88 6973 or email for your recruitment or career needs.