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Does it cost anything to register?

No. We charge our clients a placement fee for using our recruitment services. It is therefore free for you to register, receive job alerts or discuss your career options with us.

How often do you update the positions advertised on your website?

We update our website on a daily basis ensuring we only advertise vacant jobs.

I usually find my own work, why should I use you?

We have an excellent relationship with our clients and as such, in addition to being asked to recruit on their behalf, often find out about positions before they are advertised. NZPE assists with the negotiating of terms for you to ensure you are getting the best package available for the position. We will keep you informed as new vacancies come in. If you decide you would like to work your way around New Zealand we can help you line up work on either island of New Zealand. We also have positions in Australia.

What kind of positions do you have?

We specialise in permanent full-time and part-time positions as well as locum and emergency placements for Pharmacists and pharmacy support staff.

My current employer is not aware I am looking for alternative work, is that a problem?

No, as long as you inform NZPE that all contact should be confidential, we respect your right to a satisfying and rewarding career.

What should I do if I am not happy in the position?

Contact your NZPE consultant immediately to discuss your options.

What do I need to do to register with NZPE?

This can be done on the internet (takes around 2 minutes). You will also need to provide us with an up to date CV / resume and referee contact details. 

Why do I need to supply NZPE with a CV / resume and referee details?

We use your resume as a selling tool to clients. Once you have given your permission for us to forward your details to the client, we forward your resume along with a short profile on you to the client so they can get an idea of your skills, experience and area of expertise. We need to take references on everyone that we present to ensure that we are placing the most suitable person into the position.

What happens once I register with NZPE?

NZPE will send you a list of available positions that suit your work preferences. Should we not have any suitable positions, we will contact our clients on your behalf in the areas where you are looking for work. Once you are interested in a position, with your permission, we will forward our client your details and seek to arrange an interview for you both where your interest can be explored in greater detail.

Can I register with more than one Recruitment Agency?

Yes. In the majority of cases you should not need to as we usually have a variety of positions available in New Zealand alone. However, should you wish to keep your options open, you are more than welcome to register with another agency. Please be sure to inform NZPE if we are discussing a position with you that has already been discussed by another Agent. In addition, if your other agency is discussing a position with you that NZPE have already spoken to you about, please be sure to inform them. This may happen quite often, as some clients will list their position with several agencies. We try to work on a first come first served basis, but can only do this effectively with your assistance. 

If I want to work overseas, can you assist me?

Yes, NZPE currently operate an overseas transfer scheme to Australia. For further information please contact us on 0800 88 6973. In addition, we sometimes recruit for the Pacific Islands.

I'm a Student heading into my Internship, is my relationship to my Preceptor important?

Yes, it's very important that you build a good rapport and positive relationship with your Preceptor as an Intern because in most cases, they will be your first professional Pharmacist referee when you begin looking for your next position.

I've sold my Pharmacy and now I want to Locum, who can be a referee for me?

Congratulations - we have a numerous locum roles available New Zealand wide and your experience as an owner will be highly valued by our employers. In choosing a referee, you could ask a pharmacist colleague or any other team member who regularly worked with you and can speak confidently about your skills as a Pharmacist. Your NZPE Consultant would be happy to discuss your specific circumstances with you.

As an uncommitted Pharmacist, why should I spend 2+ years in regional New Zealand?

Leaving aside that New Zealand's coastal and inland regional areas have a lot to offer in their own right, the direct benefits to you are the opportunity to work in a community pharmacy: that survives off customer counselling and rapport building; offers a high level of professional services to an at-risk patient base; that rewards you with an attractive salary package; and with a team that is prepared to push you and see you succeed as the skilled Pharmacist that you are. What's not to like?

I'm updating my CV / Resume, how should it look?

When building a CV start with the basics, provide with your name and contact information, then a paragraph or two about yourself, list your qualifications and then have your employment history - make sure it's in descending order meaning your most recent job first. For each job provide the pharmacy name, location, your position, key responsibilities and achievements. NZPE have a Resume Builder if you'd like some help.

How can I prepare for a job interview?

It's best to keep it simple, so start with reviewing the Position Description or your notes on the job. Second, Google the Pharmacy, the owner group - or even the banner group if you don't know much about them - to familiarise yourself with their values and position in the pharmacy industry. Third, think about the questions you want to ask the interviewer and what you can expect them to ask you. Finally, and possibly most importantly, speak with your Recruitment Consultant as they will be more than happy to make sure all your questions are answered and you're up to date on the background info so you're calm and able to put your best foot forward. Good luck!

After the interview, what should I expect?

After attending the interview with a potential Employer, do you have any questions that weren't answered or do you feel comfortable with everything? If you have questions, it's best to seek answers. Otherwise I would expect an official response no later than 3-5 days, in some cases sooner. This response could be a request for a 2nd interview, a job offer, or a respectful decline with constructive feedback either way. If you haven't been contacted within 5 days of an interview then you should definitely raise your hand and seek clarification.

Why do I need an Employment Contract or Agreement?

It's a written agreement between an employer and employee that sets out terms and conditions of employment. While it cannot provide for less than the legal minimum set out in the National Employment Standards (NES), it will detail anything above this and down the track both parties can refer to it to make sure that what was agreed to in the beginning is being honoured - now doesn't that sound handy? If you have any questions, speak with your employer or your Recruitment Consultant.

Probationary Period? What is that?

It is a period of time (i.e 6 months) beginning from an employee's start date which allows either the employer or the employee to terminate the employment for any lawful reason. The purpose is for both parties to decide whether the employee is suited to the position and / or the pharmacy.

Should I leave gaps on my CV when I wasn't working?

No, because it could demonstrate a lack of attention to detail or that you are trying to hide something. Being open and honest is best, so if you've been on leave for that round the world trip you spent five years saving for, it's okay to say so! Just be brief if necessary as more detail can be provided at interview.

Should I tell my potential employer I have a holiday booked during the interview?

Yes, definitely. Especially if it's something like an overseas trip which you've paid for and is non-refundable. If you can't get out of the holiday, and you expect your potential employer to take you off the roster for the duration, then they need to know about it in advance. Generally, they'll appreciate you being open and upfront about something like that. In most cases you'll be able to use any accrued Annual Leave and the rest of the holiday will be unpaid leave - and you'll have a great job waiting for you to come back to, too!

Should my employer pay for me to attend Pharmacy conferences?

That's a great question! Professional expenses like AHPRA registration fees, costs incurred to accrue CPD points, professional indemnity insurance premiums, etc. should all form part of your thinking when negotiating your salary package. Some Employers do provide these, but it may mean your hourly rate will be lower.

Do I need a Cover Letter?

It's important that you put some effort into presenting yourself as clearly on paper, as you would if you were meeting someone in person. First impressions count and often your Cover Letter is the first thing someone sees of you. A cover letter is always a good idea, as it is an opportunity to put some of your personality on paper, so to speak, as you give a brief overview of your professional life and address the selection criteria in the advertisement.

What if I feel uncomfortable asking an ex-Employer for a Reference?

You shouldn't; assuming you've worked hard, done your best and made a contribution to the business - your ex-Employer should be happy to speak on your behalf about their experience. If in exceptional circumstances you really don't think they will, you can ask if they will provide the minimum confirmation of employment (start date, finish date, job title, attendance record, etc). If it's a complete no, then maybe ask a senior colleague if they'll step up and speak for you.

What is the benefit of adding a small photo at beginning of my CV?

A small, professional photograph showing you smiling and presented neatly can go a long way to setting your application apart from the many boring CV's that employers get to look at. It can help make yours stay in their mind - hopefully for the right reason - and can make your arrival at interview smoother with immediate recognition too.

Do you have closing dates for positions / How do I know how long I have to apply?

No, we do not set a specific closing date. However, you should apply at your earliest convenience to ensure we receive your application in time to consider you for the position.

How can I be certain that you have received my application?

If you have not been contacted within what you feel is a reasonable timeframe after submitting your application, please contact NZPE on 0800 88 6973 or email us at

I saw a job earlier on your site but now it is gone. What does that mean?

Current vacant positions remain on the website while we are accepting applications. Generally, jobs are removed from the site when there are strong applicants in the final interview stage, or when the job order is on hold or canceled.

Will you check with me before you send my CV for a role?

We at NZPE will never send your CV to a Client without your express permission.

What technical steps should I take to ensure a smooth submission of my CV/resume online?

We recommend that you submit your CV/resume as a Word (.doc / .docx) or, if necessary as a Portable Document Format (.pdf) file.

Can I submit a unique CV/resume tailored to each position in which I have an interest?

Yes. You may submit an individual CV/resume and cover letter for each position you are interested in by using the "Apply Now" button on each job description.

Do you have questions not answered here? Be sure to contact us, we'd be happy to help!