Give your people a chance to shine


One of the biggest challenges for pharmacy owners is staffing and getting it right.

If you have gone to all the effort of securing a new staff member for your business, you want to make sure that you are not just getting the best from them, but also that they are being fulfilled in their role and that expectations are being met on both sides of the equation.

The most responsible tool for pharmacy owners to use for this is a Performance Review. A Performance Review should be all of the following:

* Conducted as a priority (at the end of the probation period and then annually at a minimum)

* Clear and concise - questions from both parties pertaining to expectations

* Action Points to be addressed and followed up on

* By allowing a person the opportunity to lift their performance, you will potentially retain a loyal employee for many years to come

* The reality is they might be oblivious to their shortfalls and will appreciate the constructive feedback provided

It works the other way also, they may provide you, as the employer, with feedback to help improve your business and to help make you an Employer of Choice within the industry. Give your people a chance to shine, and the results could be outstanding!

Debbie Capuano - Recruitment Consultant
Debbie has been with Raven's for 15 years and looks after permanent recruitment for Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia - call Debbie on 0800 88 6973, or email for your recruitment or career needs.