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Overseas Pharmacists in New Zealand

NZPE can help with the placement of International Pharmacists into jobs throughout New Zealand.

Our team of Recruitment Consultants place Pharmacists from Australia, the UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA into both Locum (temp) and permanent employment. Our service is free and we can assist you by providing information sources to help with organising registration, travel advice, visas, accommodation, and any other queries you may have.

All overseas trained pharmacists (with the exception of Australia) are required to have their qualifications assessed by the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand (PCNZ).

Applications from pharmacists who obtained their original qualification overseas are divided into the following groups:

Pharmacists Qualified in Australia

Pharmacists with qualifications obtained in Australia will have their registration facilitated via the formal Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement (TTMRA) without sitting an exam. Australia's educational qualifications are closely linked to New Zealand's through shared accreditation requirements and practice standards are similar on both sides of the Tasman. NZPE can advise you further on this.

For more information on PCNZ registration, refer PCNZ - Australian Registered Pharmacists.

Pharmacists Qualified in the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA or Canada

Applications for Registration from Pharmacists registered in Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom or the USA under the Recognised Equivalent Qualification Route (REQR) process.

The REQR process is open to practising pharmacists who gained their pharmacy degree in one of the above countries OR successfully completed an approved programme from a learning institution in one of the above countries (ie. PEBC in Canada, OSPAP in the UK or NAPLEX in the USA). Overseas pharmacists who have registration in one of the above countries but did not gain their pharmacy degree or attend an approved programme from a learning institution in one of the above countries are not eligible for registration under the REQR process.  They can, however, apply for registration under the Non-REQR process.

Under the REQR process, a practising pharmacist from one of the above countries who is currently registered and in good standing with the registration authority in their own country can apply to sit the Competency Assessment of Overseas Pharmacists (CAOP) exam as the first step in the registration process.  After passing the CAOP exam, successful applicants then undertake a period of supervised practice before registering as a pharmacist in New Zealand.  Applicants from Canada and the USA are also required to complete the Revisit The Workplace Programme (RTWP) offered by the New Zealand College of Pharmacists.

For more information on APC assessments, refer APC - Skills Assessment.

For more information on APC examinations, refer APC - Exams.

For more information on PCNZ registration, refer PCNZ - Pharmacists from Canada, Ireland, UK, USA.

Pharmacists Qualified in any other overseas country

The Non-REQR (Recognised Equivalent Qualifications Route) application route is for Pharmacists applying for registration in New Zealand who qualified in countries other than Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the USA.  You may be eligible for registration in New Zealand, further information about the steps and process for registration, can be found in the Non-REQR booklet from the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand (PCNZ).

For more information on PCNZ registration, refer PCNZ - Pharmacists from Other Countries.


Anyone who does not hold a New Zealand or Australian passport will need an appropriate Visa or Temporary Work Visa to work in New Zealand.

Whether you plan on visiting New Zealand on a temporary or permanent basis, once you have made your initial arrangements for work rights and registration as a Pharmacist then NZPE will help you identify the job vacancy that best suits your circumstances.

For more information on Visa's, refer Immigration New Zealand.